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I can’t tell you how many people I meet in dental that ask me what the hardest part of my job is. The answer is PEOPLE.  It’s complicated but really this is it! Could you imagine if we all just got along?

Here are my Top 5 Tips to make your life easier:

  1. Your team needs to be made of rock-solid employees who care enough about your business. As a dentist or manager, you are committed more than anyone generally so remember that most team members are never going to care as much as you. If you get one that does never let them go! However, the secret is to work with them and ensure that everyone feels supported and appreciated.
  2. Remember to Smile! I feel as though I shouldn’t say this half as much as I do, but seriously we forget all the time. Patients like to feel the love, smile, it makes everyone feel good.
  3. Communication is the key to success. I have been caught off guard before by exceptional staff choosing to move on because they didn’t communicate their issues. If you don’t tell anyone what is going on, there is no way that you can solve any issues.
  4. Time off needs to be time off. The dental field is notorious for wearing us down. Emotionally and physically it is one of the most demanding professions out there. Make sure you take your time away from the office for your family friends and do things that make you happy.
  5. As team members you need to remember how everyone else is; this includes dentists, owners and management. We ALL have bad days and we can imagine how your other team members are feeling it makes things easier.

Happy Dentaling,


Written by Savannah Koran

Savannah is the founder of Sprout Dental, and has built a resume of working experience in all aspects of the dental industry, from clinical to administrative. Savannah has always been dedicated to dentistry and eventually grew to appreciate how fundamental a macro-approach is when it comes to success in this industry.

Savannah created Sprout with a mission to provide dental practices truly viable options for success that would suit each client individually. With her vast array of experience, Savannah values a hands-on approach when working with her clients and expects the same of her staff – there is no challenge too great or too small.

Outside of her work, Savannah is involved with several non-profit dental organizations with whom she greatly enjoys volunteering.

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