My $512 Morning… How To Turn Things Around! Hero

My $512 Morning… How To Turn Things Around!

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This morning I had to go to Toronto for some meetings for a day trip. I had everything set up and was organized the night before. I got to the airport this morning and was informed I couldn’t check in because my flight was full. As if, 6am, I’m early and I can’t get onto my reserved flight and they tell me the best they can do is get me there at 5:00pm! Just as I use strategic thinking when things dynamically change in a dental office I did the same thing. I went to 2 airlines and boom the second one got me on a flight an hour later, $512. I had three choices 1) Get the company flying me to Toronto to deal with it 2) Turn around and lose out on a possible huge opportunity 3) Book it and go.

I chose to go, sure not ideal… Who wants to spend $512 when they don’t have to? However my meetings got pushed back, I got to meet a great group of people and by staying positive I created a good day for myself. I read an awesome book, got some work done, powered through the meetings and was it worth it? Yes 100%. Life throws unexpected things for us to deal with. Just as we have patients come in we never know what to expect. By choosing a positive approach and strategically thinking the best possible solutions to these unexpected events, you too will get to fly first class home 

Written by Savannah Koran

Savannah is the founder of Sprout Dental, and has built a resume of working experience in all aspects of the dental industry, from clinical to administrative. Savannah has always been dedicated to dentistry and eventually grew to appreciate how fundamental a macro-approach is when it comes to success in this industry.

Savannah created Sprout with a mission to provide dental practices truly viable options for success that would suit each client individually. With her vast array of experience, Savannah values a hands-on approach when working with her clients and expects the same of her staff – there is no challenge too great or too small.

Outside of her work, Savannah is involved with several non-profit dental organizations with whom she greatly enjoys volunteering.

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